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Second Nature Tree Service

Graham M. Charles, Arborist

707-227-2303 | CA LIC #861924



Serving sonoma valley

& Sonoma county



All of our pruning at Second Nature Tree meets or exceeds International Society of Arborculture (ISA) standards.

Hazard Assessment

This oak tree photographed was on the list for hazardous trees at a particular HOA and they opted not to prune the tree and it fell two months later. Graham has 20 years of experience in assessing hazardous trees and prides himself on not removing trees that do not need to be removed.


We do a lot of tree shaping and we take our time to make every tree look uniform and natural. That is our goal.

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At Second Nature Tree, we do a lot of technical removals over fine gardens without destroying what is underneath. We go the extra mile not to destroy plants underneath the trees.

Fruit Trees

Graham has been pruning fruit trees for 25 years. Graham considers himself a master fruit tree pruner. Graham has a vast knowledge of shaping, thinning, and proper pruning of fruit trees. 

Stump Grinding

We do an enormous amount of stump grinding. All stump grinding is done by Graham. 

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            Graham started climbing trees for John Britton’s Tree Service in St. Helena, California in the early 90s. He worked there for over two years. Both John Britton and his wife, Denise, are master arborists—what a great place to learn about trees! Graham attended academic tree classes twice a week, where he learned the basic anatomy and function of trees.


            In mid-90s, Graham moved to Berkeley, California, where he worked for another arborist, Ken Kirsch Tree & Shrub, for over 10 years. This is where he learned the most about shaping trees, large removals and fruit tree pruning.


            After many years in Berkeley, he moved back to Sonoma, California, where he worked for Huppe Landscape Management. Graham started their tree division and ran that operation for two years. This is where he gained knowledge of HOA management.


            In 2003, Graham started his own company in Sonoma, Second Nature Tree Service. Graham and his crew offer high-end tree care at affordable prices. Second Nature Tree Service specializes in technical removals and large tree pruning including, but not limited to: Oak, Japanese Maples, Shade Trees, and Fruit Trees.


            Graham and his crew strive to exceed International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards for tree pruning and take their time to make sure the job site is safe. They also go the extra mile not to damage clients’ landscapes!



Here is a list of current HOA Accounts:

  • Oakmont Golf Course
  • Creekwood Plains HOA in Sonoma
  • Happy Lane HOA in Sonoma 
  • Meadowgreen 1 HOA in Oakmont 
  • Oak Vista HOA in Oakmont 
  • Pleasant Vista HOA in Oakmont 
  • Pythian Court HOA in Oakmont
  • Rivenrock HOA in Oakmont 
  • Twin Lakes HOA in Oakmont 
  • Valley Green HOA in Oakmont 
  • Brookgreen HOA in Oakmont 
  • Fallgreen 1 HOA in Oakmont
  • Fallgreen 2 HOA in Oakmont 
  • Golf Course HOA in Oakmont 
  • Mesa Oaks HOA in Oakmont 
  • Oakgreen HOA in Oakmont
  • Rockgreen HOA in Oakmont 
  • Pepperwood HOA in Santa Rosa
  • Singing Woods HOA in Oakmont 


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24 Hour Line: (707) 227-2303


Monday-Friday: Open

Areas Covered

Sonoma County & Surrounding Areas
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